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After five years spent teaching children, rather assisting children with their own creative development, I came to a significant realization.  Perhaps I should develop my own artistic technique and creativity first.  I realized that in order to adequately teach a subject, one should be as familiar to it and all its forms as an evangelist is with the bible and all its passages.

So this is my quest, to be truly worthy of the title "artist".  Currently I hold a degree in Fine Arts and Education from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fl.  After moving to Miami, I decided to further my education in 3-D art by learning basic welding techniques, hand-building in clay and pottery, plaster and bronze casting, and wood carving.  I plan to eventually return for, yes, even more education; a graduates degree.  I have participated in a couple gallery showings in Miami and St. Augustine and I have successfully sold some of my pieces through the years.  However I believe that the ultimate trick is to find a way to survive off of the thing that you love to do.  We are not all so lucky!


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